8 Tips for Booking the Perfect Honeymoon

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Wedding preparations can be full on and time consuming, so booking the perfect honeymoon for that well-deserved break is, to many, equally important.

Your honeymoon is not just another holiday, it is special. That is why we have put together our 8 tips to book the perfect honeymoon.

Agree on what type of honeymoon you both want

This sounds simple, but if you both have a slightly different idea of what you want it will be hard to get you both to agree on anything! If it is a luxury beach holiday or a safari tour, making this decision together is the first step.


And when…

The ‘when’ factor of planning your honeymoon is very important.

Firstly, where do you want to go? Your choice of location will likely dictate what time of the year is best to visit due to their seasons, weather patterns and local holidays.

Secondly, does the best time to visit that location fit in with when you actually want to travel? If not, you may need to rethink your destination. Do you want to go away as soon as you are married? Do you want to travel outside of school holidays?

Do not get caught out and travel at a time when the destination has bad weather or has a large public holiday that will affect your experience.


What name are you going to be using?

This is something that you may need to consider quite early into your plans, particularly if you are booking it before your wedding.

Your travel booking must be the same as your passport name. If you are going to be changing your name after you are married, will you have time to update your passport before leaving for your honeymoon?


If you are planning on travelling just after your wedding it would be safest to travel on your non-married name as there may not be enough time to have your documents changed.

Whichever name you decide to travel under, remember that some travel companies, particularly airlines, will charge for you to change the name on your booking.

Consider using a travel agent

Many people have different views on travel agents, with some thinking that they can be more expensive than planning your trip yourself. Sometimes, this may be the case, but not always.

Travel agents have insider knowledge. They will know recommendations, things to do, things to avoid and much more, on each destination based on experience, time and research.

Not only will their knowledge help in planning the best trip ever, they will have their own discounts and upgrading abilities that you would usually not have access too.

Check your travel insurance

We are of course going to mention travel insurance, but not for the reasons that you may think…


After your engagement and wedding, you may now be the owner of some quite valuable jewelry. You must make sure that your travel insurance policy covers your more expensive items for loss, theft or damage. Check how much the policy will cover the items for. You may need to take out additional cover, or a higher level of cover.

Depending on what type of honeymoon you are planning and what activities you will be partaking in, you must also make sure that they too are covered as part of your travel insurance policy. Many activities are covered but check your policy wording to make sure.

If you would like help in choosing the perfect travel insurance, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today: https://www.allianz-assistance.co.za/travel-insurance-products/


Consider all-inclusive holidays

Your honeymoon may be costing you a lot of money, and why not, it is your honeymoon!

If you have a budget or want to keep within a reasonable cost bracket, an all-inclusive holiday might be a good idea for you as there will be no extra hidden costs, or bar tabs creeping up with a surprise hefty bill at the end of your trip.

All-inclusive holidays have come a long way and offer some incredible stays. Some hotels have multiple restaurants, food served all day and even have premium spirits included.


Consider different methods of transport

If you are visiting somewhere for the first time you will want to make the most of it! If you are travelling between locations, we recommend that you look into different ways to travel between them.

For instance, you may need to take a 1-hour internal flight. Why not see if you can take a train and enjoy the scenery? It may take a little longer than a 1-hour flight but taking into account the time you spend at the airports each end, it could work out the same, or even quicker! (and maybe cheaper too!)


Tell everyone it is your honeymoon

This one is not about blabbing on social media, it is telling the hotel, the airline, the travel agent, that you are on your honeymoon.

Upgrades, discounts and treats are often given to those who are newlywed, so it is worth a go! Some companies may ask for proof of marriage due to many people taking advantage of this luxury, but that shouldn’t be a problem when you really are a newlywed!


Now, all you have to do is enjoy yourself! We hope you have the most wonderful time.

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