A Quick Guide to Brazil

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From the most famous beach in the world to the Amazon rainforest, Brazil is certainly a destination that should be on everyone’s ‘to visit’ list.

Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world in both size and population. Here you can find white sandy beaches, tropical islands, rainforest metropolises, waterfalls and the greatest collection of plant and animal species in the world: toucans, howler monkeys, pink dolphins and sea turtles, and thousands more.


Here is our quick guide to Brazil.

How to get there

A direct flight from South Africa to Rio De Janeiro will take around 13 hours, but most airlines make a stop on the way, meaning the total flight time can vary depending on the route.


If you hold a UAE passport then you will need to apply for a Visa in advance to visit Brazil. A tourist Visa will then be valid for three months.

Best time to visit

As most of the county lies in the tropics, the weather is warm all year round.

The dry months are between march to November with December to February being the wettest months.

The winter in Brazil (June to September) is like the summer in northern Europe!

Brazilian Food

Although the style of food varies throughout the country due to its sheer size, Brazilian food has influences from Europe, Africa and Amerindian, although there is not truly a ‘Brazilian cuisine.’

Rice and beans is very popular in Brazil, often eaten with protein and salads. You can expect to find lots of tropical fruits and local cakes for breakfast.

Other foods you will be able to have include soups, pasta, salads and vegetables. There should be something here for everyone.


What to do

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Rio Carnival

One of the most famous festivals in the world takes place in Rio every year at Easter and lasts an exhausting 5 days! Expect to see enormous parades, glittering and outrageous costumes, drummers and dancers.

Everyone is welcome at this festival so grab a drink and have a dance!

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Do some activities!

Like to get active? Then Brazil is perfect for you. Here you can find horseback riding, you can go Kayaking through the Amazon rainforests and go rock climbing for some seriously incredible panoramic views.

If you fancy something that takes a little less effort, head out on a boat for some whale watching!

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Visit Christ the Redeemer

Not only will this be a chance to get up close with one of the most iconic statues in the world, the view from the Christ the Redeemer is breath taking. Take in views of the city of Rio De Janeiro and the mountainous islands just off the Copacabana beach.

If you fancy viewing some stunning waterfalls too, hike through the Parque Nacional da Tijuca on your way up to the statue.

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Relax on the Copacabana Beach

You have heard its name in pop songs, now it is time to visit the stunning Copacabana beach.

This stretch of soft white sands stretches 4km along the coast of Rio and is a hive of activity. Among those basking in the sunshine, you will find local kids playing soccer, beach vendors selling their wares to the tourists, and people queueing up for caipirinhas (Brazil’s signature cocktail!) at drink kiosks.

The beach also has various areas; near Rua Santa Clara you will find the young football and volleyball players. The area between Copacabana Palace hotel and Rua Fernando Mendes is the gay section and the area next to Forte de Copacabana is the fihermen’s colony.

Even though the beach is lit at night, it is best not to wander off at this time. Instead, stay near the busy kiosks.

As you can see, there is a lot to do in Brazil. So, whether it is wandering the cities, relaxing on the beaches or travelling the Amazon, this is certainly a place that has something incredible for everyone.


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