A Quick Guide to Mauritius

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Mauritius is a small island located in the vast Indian ocean, a mere speck on the map far off the South East coast of Africa.

What Mauritius lacks in size it certainly makes up in beauty and things to see and do.

How to get there

You can fly from Cape Town to Mauritius in 5 hours and 15 minutes. Flight cost can vary greatly depending on the airline, the time of year and if you have a stop over, but you can expect to spend around 10,000ZAR per person return.

South African nationals do not require a visa to enter Mauritius.

Best time to visit

The weather in Mauritius is warm with a classic tropical climate all year round.

The best time to visit Mauritius is between May and December when the weather is cool, dry and sunny. However, between July and August we would advise that you to avoid the east coast as it can be very windy.

The summer (November to April) brings hot and humid days, and the winter (May to October) is still hot in the day but the temperature drops more at night.

January to March is the wet cyclone season, so we suggest you avoid this time completely.


Mauritius is a paradise not only for its beaches but for its food offering.

Here you will find flavors that have been brought to the island from its ownership changes through history. You will find traditional foods from China, Africa, India and even France!

Depending where you are on the island, curries are eaten with rice or different breads including chapattis or roti. You will find curries and dishes rich with cinnamon, cardamom and saffron, plus dishes with thyme and basil.

Mauritians also have a sweet tooth and you will be able to find different types of gateaux and cakes.

Street food stalls are very popular on the island. Tip - your best bet is to join the longest queues, these usually serve the best food!

What to do

Scuba Diving

The conditions in the waters around Mauritius provide the perfect conditions for a thriving marine life in its large coral reefs, and in turn these create the perfect diving locations.

If you have no diving experience, no problem. Sign up with one of the registered dive centers around the island.

Allianz Travel - Port Louis

Port Louis

Take time away from the beach to visit the capital of Mauritius, Port Louis. Here you will find a number of restaurants, bars, shops and even a casino.

You can also take an easy 2 hour hike up Le Pouce for spectacular 360 degree views of the capital.

Allianz Travel - Riviere

Windsurfing and Water Skiing

Take a visit to Grand Bay in the Riviere du Rempart for a beautiful island retreat. Here you will find lots of water activities including Windsurfing and Water Skiing on its most popular beaches, La Cuvette and Grand Bay.

Another popular location for these activities is in the southern part of the Island at Le Morne. Standing water is just a foot deep, creating the perfect conditions for learning the activities. Here you can also have a go at kite surfing!

Safari Jeep Trips

Take a safari jeep trip through the Yemen Nature Reserve Park on the west coast of Mauritius. Through this thrilling ride you will also get to see beautiful wild animals such as African Antelopes, Monkeys and Zebras! You can also take a similar tour on quad bikes.

See the Tamarind Waterfalls

Tamarin Falls are a little awkward to reach, but worth it none the less. Located on the inside of the island, you will find a string of 7 waterfalls in lush green mountains. There are pools that you can swim in beneath. Make sure you bring your camera!

First timers to vising the falls are advised to go with a guide.

In addition to the activities listed above you can also watch dolphins, go canyoning, rock climbing, take a safari submarine and even walk with Lions and Cheetahs!

As we have shown, Mauritius may appear small but its offering is vast and we haven’t even had to mention the pristine white beaches! You should experience it for yourself as soon as you can.

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