Best Apps for Learning a New Language

Allianz Travel - Best Apps for Learning a New Language

Do you sometimes feel like you wish you knew the local lingo when travelling but don’t know where to start? There are many apps out there that can get you on track to learning a new language.


These 4 apps are our best rated to help you learn a new language. Give them a go and let us know how you get on.



Possibly the easiest app to use when it comes to learning a new language, Dualingo uses a game like formula to teach you one of the following languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Danish, Dutch, Swedish and English. Using short phrases, multiple choice questions and sound clips, Dualingo is the perfect app to learn a new language. The best part is it is free! Available on iOS & Android.



Mindsnacks teaches basic vocabulary, conversational skills and grammar in a highly addictive gaming format. The app uses interactive graphics along with language lessons for a fun way to learn. Perfect for the younger traveller. The first lesson is free, but costs increase with the more lessons you want. You can also opt in for lesson reminders and word of the day notifications!



This app is a slightly different way of learning to the others mentioned so far. With this app you can upload questions for a native speaker in your chosen language to respond to. Questions could include ‘Am I pronouncing this correctly?’ or ‘How do you say this in German?’ and with 120 languages covered there should be someone who can help you. The app also allows you to help others learn your language in return. The app is available for iOS and Android users and start as free but you can upgrade for $9.99.



This app combines the two main parts of Dualingo and HiNative. Lessons are short and snappy with the help of native speakers, keeping it fun and personal. It is reported that 22.5 hours using this app equals the same learnings in one semester of language school. The app starts off as free but like many others the membership can cost from $7.99 to $10.99.


 All of the apps listed above provide an easy way to start learning a language and make your travel that little bit more exciting.

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