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Tips for booking an around-the-world trip

What is the worst feeling about going on holiday? Going back to the airport to travel home? Are we right?

Well, imagine if you weren’t coming home but heading off to another designation, then another, and another, until finally you have, quite literally, travelled around the globe. How incredible!


Whether you want to visit every corner of the world, or simply want bragging rights to say that you once took a trip around the circumference of the planet, here are our tips for planning that incredible journey.


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Planning your trip


Where do you want to go?

With the world your oyster, there must be many places you want to go. Make a list of the places you are dying to see, and start you plan from here. We recommend making ‘must visit’ and ‘be nice to visit’ lists, just in case you need to cut back due to time or budget restrictions as it will help narrow down your route and what is really important to you.


How long do you want to be away for?

Another big factor in your plans. Are you only able to take off two weeks? A month? Or more? This will dictate how long you have in each destination, or how many destinations you can travel to at all!


If you can only take regular annual leave, see if you can accumulate some days for this one-off trip, or factor in public holidays to give you a few extra days.


What is your budget?

Or perhaps we should rephrase this as what are you prepared to pay? Is it a budget busting trip or must you be economical? Remember you will not just need money for flights and hotels, but to eat, drink, and do all the activities you wish at each location.

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Refining your plans – Tips for booking your round the world trip

Round the world flight tickets

These tend to be the most economical, but only if you can get the stops right where you want. RTW tickets are multi-stop tickets that will hop different airlines. At the end of the trip you will have flown around the entire globe.

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You don’t always have to travel by plane

Depending on the number of stops you are making, boarding ‘yet another plane’ can be tiring. Travelling by different modes of transport can give you more experiences and be nicer on your budget. Why not try a rail journey through the US, or hop the islands of Indonesia by boat?


Don’t forget your travel insurance

This is a biggie. As you will be travelling to multiple locations you must make sure you are properly and fully covered. Anything could happen and you must make sure your health, finances and personal belongings are protected so that you are not left in any sticky situations. That could ruin your trip and be very costly.


When taking out travel insurance make sure you take into account the following:

  • Are all the destinations you are visiting are included in the policy – some do not cover the US and Canada, so check that first
  • Are all activities are covered – planning on any winter or extreme activities? Make sure you take out cover for that too.
  • Single item maximum cover – if you have any expensive items, make sure the maximum single item cover will cover the cost to replace them.


You can get a free quote on all of our travel insurance product here:



Check if you need any vaccinations

There are some areas in the world where it is still recommended that you get vaccinations, especially if you are travelling off the beaten track. Common vaccinations include yellow fever, Hepatitis A, B & C, Rabies, Typhoid, Measles, Mumps & Rubella. These can be obtained through pharmacies or your GP.

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Check visa requirement for every stop

Each location you are visiting is likely to have a different visa requirement. Some you will need to obtain in advance, some you can get on arrival. Make sure you check these at the earliest convenience to make sure you have them approved and valid at the correct times. Some visas will need to be used within a certain amount of time after approval, so whilst you should plan early, you cannot always obtain them early!


Each visa will probably come with a fee. Although it is often small, they can add up. Did you budget for this?


It is worth noting that if you are travelling through more than one European country (excluding Ireland and the UK) you can apply for a Schengen visa. This allows you to travel through multiple countries in the Schengen zone on just the one visa.


To obtain this visa however, you must have travel insurance. You can view our Schengen specific travel insurance here:

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