Top Apps For Planning Your Next Trip

Are you ever worried that you have forgotten something? That you are not going to get the best deal for your holiday? Maybe you have even been stuck in traffic in an unfamiliar location that has led to a delay in your plans.

Thankfully there are a huge number of apps that have been launched in the last few years that help organize your tip and make sure things run as smoothly as possible.

Whether it is a short trip away or a longer, action packed vacation, our top 9 apps detailed below should keep everything on time so you can make the most of your break.

Allianz Travel - Waze


Don’t let traffic disrupt your travel plans. No matter where in the world you are, when you hit the road, make sure you have downloaded Waze.

Waze is a GPS navigation app that provides real time traffic information based on other Waze users journeys, including accidents and road closures.

Waze also includes automatic redirecting in the event of a delay, cheap fuel alerts and you can even send your ETA to someone!

Allianz Travel - Skyscanner


Skyscanner is a fantastic app for comparing flight times and prices for millions of flights across hundreds of airlines.

When browsing, you can search and filter by price, travel time, airline, number of stops and even the cabin you want to sit in. You can also set up an email alert to notify you of price increases and decreases.

Skyscanner also has a chart feature showing the increase and decrease of prices over time.

Allianz Travel - Hopper


This app uses a huge database of airline prices and historical data to predict when prices will be at their lowest and when they are likely to rise, helping you get the best price possible for your flight.

Watch flight prices per individual flight, destination and/or airline. Save your details in the app for quick booking when you are ready as to not miss out on the best offers!

Allianz Travel - TripIt


Consolidates your travel plans into one simple itinerary using the TripIt app.

By linking your email with TripIt, the app will search your emails for booking and reservation confirmations. It will then create an itinerary including boarding times, hotel check-ins and much more.

You can even share your itinerary with your contacts to make sure everyone is up to date with your plans, should they need to be. Simple.

Allianz Travel - gotU

gotU – Pay as you go roadside assistance, usable only in Australia

If you are planning a trip to Australia and hiring a car then this app is a must have.

Rather than take out breakdown cover, download the gotU app and should you need roadside assistance, simply book it through the app and an engineer will be on their way to help.

GotU covers a flat tire, flat battery, jumpstart, refuel and even a tow. You can even follow the progress of your rescue worker and how long they will take to reach you.

If you do not need to call them out then you have saved lots of money on breakdown cover! No brainer really.

Allianz Travel - PackPoint


Ever worried that you are going to forget to pack something?

After creating a quick, trip profile (destination, duration, travel purpose etc.) PackPoint will create a packing checklist personalized to your needs.

It even takes into account weather forecasts!

Allianz Travel - Expensify


Manually track those expenses when on a business trip.

Photo log your receipts, input purchases and even import credit card purchases.

This app has a smart scan feature which allows you to take a photo of a receipt which is then read and added to your expenses. You can even add in travel mileage.

Allianz Travel - Roomer


Sometimes plans can change and you might be in need of a room to stay at short notice.

Roomers is an app for just that, booking last minute rooms at really cheap, discounted rates.

On the flip side, if you have a room booked that you are unable to now use, rather than lose your money or pay cancellation fees, you can sell your room to other Roomer users.

Allianz Travel - XE


XE is the only currency conversion app that you will need when travelling. XE compares almost every national currency found around the world.

You can even view historical data on many currencies and view past rate changes and trends.

The best part of this app is that is stores currency rates that you have searched for so they are available even when you have no connection.

These app are our top picks for your next trip away, but there are many more also available.


Which are your favourites?

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