Winter Sports Travel Insurance, What You Really Need to Know

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There is a good reason why you often see a ‘winter sports’ option on your travel insurance application, and this is something you really need to understand fully if you are planning to hit the slopes.

A standard single trip policy is unlikely to cover you for winter sports, unless you specifically stated it of course.


Here is everything you need to know about winter sports cover, and why it is so important to get it right.


Did you know ‘winter sports’ also includes tobogganing, ice skating, and heli-skiing?

Winter sports cover is usually taken out by those who go skiing or snowboarding, but even if you are not partaking in those sports specifically, the other sports listed also need to be covered, and sometimes other sports too.


Make sure you have all the correct sports and activities covered for your trip.


What are the benefits of Winter Sports Travel Insurance?

Winter sports cover includes all the things that travel insurance usually covers; medical cover, loss of bag cover, cancellation cover and a few more extras (detailed in your policy).

However, specific winter sports cover will cover you for a range of additional benefits, including higher medical pay outs and snow equipment cover for if it is lost, stolen or delayed.


Did you know that we cover you for Piste or avalanche closure? Bet you didn’t think of that one did you!



What isn’t covered?

You must make sure you read all the terms and conditions properly so you know what is covered and what isn’t. For instance, you may not be covered for certain types of skiing if an instructor isn’t present.


Policies can get that specific!


You will also not be covered, at all, should you not disclose a pre-existing medical condition which could result in a claim. Declare everything in advance to make sure! It may not always make the cost of your policy rise, but it will make sure that you are covered when you need it!



Can winter sports travel insurance be expensive?

That depends, could you afford to replace stolen equipment? Could you afford medical treatment that could cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars should you need to?


A few dollars don’t seem like much in comparison, does it?


Winter sports cover exists for a reason. It is to make sure you are fully covered in the event of an injury or the loss of that expensive equipment, and other eventualities that may happen on the slopes.


You may find a lovey cheap insurance policy, but have you checked the excess? That is what usually takes the hit when keeping the price down. An excess is the amount you have to pay towards a claim, and sometimes these can be higher than the claim itself! You may also be losing cover from other areas that you may not be aware of in return for a lower price.


Make sure you take out your winter sports travel insurance with a trusted insurer who will help you through the process. We have years and years of experience of winter sports insurance, so if you are a looking for some advice, get in touch with us today and we will help you make sure you have the right policy for you.





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