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Planning a Domestic Trip? Don’t forget to buy your Travel Insurance with AGCS SA  cover your trip against Cancellation , Curtailment, Loss of personal money and many other benefits.Get your Local Trip Covered now.

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Terms & conditions apply. Additional extensions may have limited cover.

Travel Local

Travel Local Single Trip 

From R 50

Trip Cancellation

Provides cover if you need to cancel or cut your journey before it begins because you, a travelling companion, someone you are going to stay with or a relative is ill, seriously injured, has had an accident or died.

R 10,000
Trip Curtailment

Provides cover if you need to cut your journey short because you have been hospitalized, a travelling companion, someone you are staying with or a relative is ill, seriously injured, has had an accident or died.

R 10,000
Loss of Travel Documents

Provides cover for the costs associated with issuing a new passport (and visa) in case of loss, theft or damage during your journey.
R 1,500
Loss of Personal Money 

Provides cover for lost and / or stolen personal money during your journey.

R 1,500
Baggage Delay

If your bags are temporarily lost or delayed on your outward journey for more than 4 hours we will reimburse the costs of essential items, per 4 hour period, until your bags arrive.

R 5,000
Baggage loss

If your personal belongings and baggage is damaged, stolen, lost or destroyed on your journey we will either replace or repair the items or reimburse you the cost.

R 25,000
Valuables (including Laptop)

You are covered up to a specified limit for valuables. The following are considered to be valuables under your policy; jewelry, watches, items made of or containing precious metals or semi/precious stones, furs, binoculars, telescopes, computer games, any kind of photographic equipment (camera, camcorder), audio, video, computer, television, fax and phone equipment (including mobile phones), MP3 players, tablets, laptops, PDAs, electronic games, TVs and CDs, mini discs, DVDs, cartridges, video and audio tapes.

R 5,000
Single item, pair or set limit

You are covered up to a specified limit for items as well as pairs and sets. Pairs and sets are those possessions that belong together or can be used together.

R 1,250
Tobacco, alcohol and fragrance limit

You are covered up to a specified limit for tobacco, alcohol and fragrances.

R 500
Missed Departure

We will cover the cost of extra accommodation and transport expenses you have to pay to get to your journey destination or back home because you did not get to your departure point due to public transport not running to its schedule timetable or the vehicle you are travelling in has as accident or breaks down.

R 2,500
Trip Delay

You will be eligible for a compensation amount for each 6 hour period you are delayed at your departure point after the first 6 hour delay.

R 2,500

Travel Local

From R 50

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Terms & Conditions apply.

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