There are an infinite number of honeymoon ideas to explore. But with so many alternatives, it might be difficult to choose where to go. Are you the type that prefers exploring rather than relaxing on a beach? Do you enjoy learning about history and culture? If you and your spouse are seeking for something new, check out our top 5 alternate honeymoon destinations.
River on mountain
Escape the crowds and head to Aravalli Hills! About an hour’s drive from Jaipur, this remote mountain range has breath taking views of the deserted valleys and hills. With 5-star hotels such as the Fort Bishangarh perched up on the hills, you can take in these views and relax in luxury.
Cacti in desert

Yes, that really is the name of the place, not just the feeling you will have in this unique honeymoon destination.

Here, not only can you kick back and relax, you will also be able to do rock climbing, ride horseback through the desert and star gaze. There are towns nearby, around 40 mins away, should you wish to have a change of pace and hit some bars!

Elephant in water

It was rumoured that Price Harry and Meghan Markle were to be taking their honeymoon in Namibia. If it is good enough for a prince, then it is good enough for us!

Namibia offers some of the best wildlife on the planet, along with long and stunning untouched coastlines, orange sand dunes and a sparse population. There are lots of accommodation options, including luxury traditional huts. So why not spend your honeymoon witnessing wild Elephant, Rhinos and more?

Northern lights

Why not have the ultimate winter experience in one of Finland’s bonkers accommodation options. Watch out for the Northern Lights from the comfort of your own bed in one of the glass igloo resorts or bubble rooms that have become more popular in the last couple of years. You can also relax in a hot tub under the stars, go husky riding, ice fishing, and so much more!

Who said a honeymoon had to be hot? It may be cold outside, but doesn’t warming up in front of the fire with your other half sound lovely?

Hot air balloons

Have you seen those stunning photos of a valley with lots of colourful hot air balloons at sunrise? That is Cappadocia!

Cappadocia is located in central Turkey and recognised mostly for its fairy chimneys, unique rock formations that tower out of the ground. It really does feel like a fantasy world! There are hotels which are built into the walls of the valley, making for a truly unique experience.

There are many new alternatives for honeymoons that appeal to those who seek something different than the Seychelles and Maldives. If you're stumped about where to go on your honeymoon, this may have provided some inspiration! 

PS: Don’t forget to get travel insurance. No matter where you decide to go, make sure that you are covered in case of any unexpected events. Bon voyage!