5 reasons why you need travel insurance

5 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance That You May Not Have Thought Of

We are sure you have heard it time and time before, you must take out travel insurance when you go away.

It will allow you to buy new personal items if your luggage gets lost and it will pay for medical expenses, yes (with the right insurance company and policy of course) but what else?

Travel insurance covers many more things which you may not be aware of, or even considered. Here are some of those things…

Cancellation cover BEFORE your trip

That’s right, you are insured for needing to cancel your trip for any unforeseen circumstance, such as a family or medical emergency. In this instance, you will be able to claim back any non-refundable trip costs.

Cover if your trip is cut short (curtailment)

Similarly to the above, if you trip is cut short for an unforeseen event, your travel insurance will cover your for money that you have already paid out that cannot be refunded, such as hotel bookings, car rental and pre-booked activities.

If you hurt or damage someone else or their properly (Personal Liability)

There may be an instance where an accident means you injure another person, or their property. Personal Liability cover will protect you financially in the event of a legal claim against you, and legal costs abroad can become very, very expensive.

When taking out your policy, always check that this is included.

Covering legal expenses for a compensation claim

If you have had an injury or accident overseas and you are making a claim for compensation, the legal fees involved in this can become very expensive. These costs are sometimes included in your travel insurance policy.

Transportation to the hospital and back home (Medical Evacuation and Repatriation)

Whilst many associate travel insurances with paying for medical bills, getting to the medical facility in the first place can be extremely expensive itself. Should you need medical treatment whilst you are up a mountain or on a small, remote island, you may need to be airlifted by helicopter or plane to transport you. This could be the same with transporting you back to your home country as special arrangements or equipment may be needed to do so.

Make sure you read the policy details when you take out travel insurance to check exactly what you will be covered for.

We have made our travel insurance policies as clear as possible, so you know exactly what you are covered for, and it could be much more than you previously thought!

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