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Guide to Applying for a Mexican Tourist Visa for South African Travelers

Mexico, with its vibrant culture and stunning landscapes, is a dream destination for South African travelers. To explore this captivating country, a Mexican tourist visa is essential. This comprehensive guide provides all the necessary information for South Africans to successfully apply for a Mexican tourist visa.
Foreign citizens planning to visit Mexico are required to obtain an Official Entry Immigration Form (FMM), commonly referred to as a Tourist Card. The good news is that the online registration process for the FMM is not only easy but also completely free. This convenient process simplifies your travel preparations, and all you need to get started is your passport and relevant travel details. It's important to note that the Tourist Card is issued per person, including children, ensuring a smooth entry into Mexico for the whole family. Get ready to explore the beauty of Mexico hassle-free with your FMM in hand.
Before delving into the application process, it's crucial to understand the requirements and conditions of the Mexican tourist visa.

Non-Remunerated Activities: The Mexican tourist visa is designed for non-remunerated purposes, including vacations, transit, business activities (such as conferences and meetings), technical, artistic, scientific or sports activities, as well as for correspondents, journalists, and ministers of religion.

Visa Exemptions: Travelers holding valid, multiple-entry visas or permanent residency in the United States of America, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, or Schengen Space countries do not require a Mexican tourist visa. The maximum period of stay allowed depends on the discretion of the immigration officer.
  • Gathering Required Documents: The first step in the visa application process involves gathering all the required documents.

Completed Visa Application Form: Download and fully fill out the form available on the Mexican embassy’s website.

Passport-Size Photograph: Attach a color photograph with no eyeglasses and a white background to the application form.

Valid Passport: Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your intended travel date. Include a color photocopy of the personal information pages.

Proof of Legal Residence: If applicable, provide valid proof of legal residence or a valid visa in South Africa (e.g., permit, visa, or immigration entry stamp) along with photocopies.

Financial Solvency Proof: This includes the latest three months of personal bank statements, stamped by the bank (internet/ATM printouts are not accepted), pay slips or invoices for the last three months, and an original employment letter on company letterhead, signed in ink. The employment letter should state your full name, nationality, passport number, period of employment, position, and salary.

Additional Requirements for Children: If you are applying for a visa for your child, include a copy of their unabridged birth certificate. Both parents must attend the appointment or provide a notarized affidavit from the police granting permission for the child's visa application and travel abroad.

  • Applicants must be physically present at the embassy in Pretoria for biometrics, a photo, and an interview
    1. Email Application: Send one email per applicant to consularsud@sre.gob.mx containing a complete set of all requirements in PDF format. Rename the PDFs according to the contained document.
    2. Pre-Assessment: The embassy will conduct a pre-assessment within a few days after receiving your email.

After Your Embassy Appointment:

Visas are typically issued within 10 working days after the interview, although this timeframe can vary.

Visas can be collected at the embassy between 11:00 A.M and 12:30 P.M on weekdays. If you cannot collect it yourself, you may arrange for a courier company to collect your passport on your behalf. In such cases, ensure the courier brings your visa applicant's name and surname, reference number, and a copy of their ID or driver’s license.

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  • 1. Contact your airline in advance to confirm if you can board without a Mexican visa by presenting the relevant exemption documents.

  • 2. Upon arrival in Mexico, be prepared to answer questions about the purpose and duration of your trip, as well as how you will financially sustain your stay.

  • 3. South African passport holders are exempt from fees for tourist, business, or transit visas, except for the Long-Term Visa.

  • 4. It is important to note that the consular section of the Embassy of Mexico does not communicate with third-persons or travel agencies.

  • 5. Visa applications will only be attended to by prior appointment. Schedule appointments approximately two months in advance.

  • 6. The embassy does not provide information on visa procedures via phone.
  • With this guide, South African travelers can confidently navigate the Mexican tourist visa application process. Prepare thoroughly, meet the requirements, and embark on your journey to Mexico, where unforgettable experiences await. Enjoy your adventure in this captivating country!