Everything You Need to Know About Baggage Cover

Everything You Need to Know About Baggage Cover

At baggage reclaim, do you often worry that your case has travelled to a different part of the world to you? Or that your belongings are going to arrive damaged or missing completely?

Unfortunately, this can happen.

The good news is that travel insurance policies include cover for your baggage. Travel insurance for baggage is included within most policies and will help you out should something happen to your luggage whilst you are away!

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Baggage cover is a monetary cover that reimburses you for expenses up to a certain amount should your luggage get lost, stolen, damaged or delayed. It is included in most travel insurance policies, but you should always check that the level cover suits your needs and value of your belongings. You may wish to take out a high value baggage insurance policy depending on what you are taking with you.
Should your baggage become damaged in transit and at the fault of the airline, your travel insurance will cover this, but you must report the damage at the help desk before you leave the airport. You will need to fill in some forms which will be needed to make your claim.
The same as if your luggage was stolen at home, you must report the theft it to the local police as soon as you have become aware. You will need to obtain a crime reference number which will then be needed to complete your claim form. Stolen luggage insurance is part of baggage cover.  
With an Allianz Travel Insurance policy, yes you can make a claim if your bags are temporarily delayed or lost by the airline. In this instance you will be able to claim back the cost for necessities such as toiletries and if you had to buy a couple of important items that you need before your bags are returned to you.

Each policy will have certain exclusions to what you can and cannot claim. Please check your policy wording for these details.

All baggage and personal items cover has a pay-out/cover limit. Therefore, certain expensive items such as phones, laptops, cameras etc. may not be fully covered for replacement. For these we recommend that you take out additional gadget or high value item cover.

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  • Carry high value items with you and not in your suitcases.
  • Never leave your baggage unattended at any time
  • Lock your case with a small padlock. This will reduce the chance of someone opening your case and taking something out, or worse, putting something inside.
  • Split your personal items with your travel partner if you have one.
  • Colourful luggage stands out and easier to find.
  • Have a tag on your bag with your contact details and where you are staying.

Allianz Travel offer travelers quality and comprehensive travel insurance, most of which include the necessary Baggage Cover to secure peace of mind during your travels. Get in touch with our experts to get a quote for your luggage.