With so many natural wonders to explore, it can be tough to narrow down which waterfalls are worth your time when visiting Iceland. From the world-famous Gullfoss to the lesser-known but equally stunning falls at Hvítárvatn, there's no shortage of cascading waterfalls to marvel at. 

If you Google Iceland two things will become very clear, the Northern Lights are visible here, and there are some epic waterfalls, or "fossa" in Icelandic.

Whilst there are over 10,000 waterfalls in this stunning country, to help you plan your trip, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 waterfalls in Iceland for you to explore on your next trip!

This waterfall can only be described as a monster.

This multi-tiered waterfall has two ‘drops’ of 11 metres and 21 meters, where it then disappears through a crevice in the earth. The waterfall is about 20 meters wide with 80 cubic meters of water per second pouring over the edges. The shear roar of this waterfall is incredible.

You can visit this waterfall yourself or as part of the Golden Circle tour.

Do you want to see a dramatic waterfall? Then look no further than Skogafoss!

This waterfall is 25 meters wide and has an epic drop of 60 meters. You can get up close to the bottom of the falls or walk up the side for a view from the top.

On a sunny day a rainbow or two will even appear in the spray.

The most famous of the Icelandic waterfalls is Seljalandsfoss, another waterfall on the popular Golden Circle tour.

What is most attractive of this waterfall is that you can walk behind it, allowing for some epic photos.

This waterfall drops 63 meters and is essential viewing!

The ‘Waterfall of the Gods’ is what you may think of when asked to picture the perfect waterfall.

This waterfall is located in the north-eastern region of Iceland and is 12 meters high and 30 meters wide.

Doesn’t it look incredible?


These sunning falls are located in west Iceland. They are formed by rivulets streaming out of a lava field and into the Hvita river.

A bonus of visiting these waterfalls is that they are located right next to Barnafoss! Two waterfalls, one trip.

This country is breathtaking and should be at the top of your travel bucket list. These are just a few of the stunning waterfalls that Iceland has on offer, but there are many more that we haven’t even mentioned. All of them have their own unique charm and beauty. 

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