Tips for a Stress- Free Return to Work after a Vacation

Tips for a Stress- Free Return to Work after a Vacation

Have you ever returned to work from your vacation immediately feeling as if you need to take another?

Here are our tips to help you make a stress-free return to work and help your holiday feeling last long into the coming days and weeks.

To do before you leave for vacation

It may be tempting to throw up your arms and say, ‘I’m done’ when you are about to go on holiday, but, before you leave the office on your last working day you should make sure that you really are ‘done’ to save some stress on your return.

Make a list of the items that need to be completed on your return, and properly delegate any tasks that need to be done whilst you are away.

Ask your manager or team to send you an update the day before your return to work of items that you need to know or pick up when you are back in the office.

If it is possible, block out your diary for at least the morning of the day you return to work to give you chance to settle back in and not need to rush into lots of meetings. If you haven’t had chance to catch up, how will you be able to participate in those meetings?

Finally, tidy up, at the office and at home! Clear away papers and contracts that are finished or of no use. At home have a quick tidy, such as emptying the fridge of food that will go to waste, clear up any mess and so on. Coming home to an organised home and work place will help keep you stress free.

Try and take a day or two before returning to work

Don’t throw yourself straight back into work when you return. Let yourself get back in the groove of things. If you can, take an extra day or two off to run errands, do the washing, get everything back to normal.

This will also give your mind and body time to adjust to the changes in weather, time zone and pace.

The day before you go back to work

This is the best time to get organised and prepare for getting back to normal working life. Get everything ready for the next day. Get your breakfast in and try and make it healthy to help with your good mood. Get your clothes out ready, pack your work bag, and get an early night.

Ease yourself back into work

It is a good idea to get into the office a little early on your first day back to help you mitigate a workload avalanche. Make sure you check your diary for any new meetings that may have sneaked in without your knowledge too!

Read your emails by conversation or sender, not chronological order. Its likely older emails have been sorted by someone else, plus you can delete junk emails in bulk this way.

In your first weeks back make time for yourself. Take your lunch breaks and if you can, get out the office. Leave work at a reasonable time and allow yourself to switch off at night.

Also make plans for the first week/weekend back home. Keep enjoying yourself.

Keep the memories

Don’t feel blue about your trip ending and how bleak you may be feeling. Look back at your vacation with fond memories and gratitude. Perhaps it’s time to start thinking about your next holiday?