Travel insurance with Sport Cover

All our products are covering COVID-19. Please check our Terms and Conditions for the full coverages.  Please read our Coronavirus alert page for updated information related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Our optional Sport add-on travel insurance has been designed to protect you in case you are engaged in an activity or sport that standard travel insurance products exclude. In order to make things easier for you, you can check here the list of activities that a standard travel insurance product will cover and the extra activities the Sport add-on covers.  At Allianz, we  believe in helping the customers understand our products details - if you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us.  

Travel insurance usually has exclusions and Allianz Travel decided to offer you the chance to extend your cover by creating this Sport add-on.

Travelling can be an exciting time but we believe planning the unexpected will give you complete peace of mind and make you more likely to enjoy your trip.

Allianz travel is accompanying you in your journey at every step and we hope this extra-cover will fit your expectations. We encourage you to carefully read the Terms and Conditions before purchasing your travel insurance to make sure you know what’s covered and what’s not covered. 

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Sports Cover

This add-on offers coverage for  certain activities such as wall climbing, deep sea fishing or skateborading within your policy limits. Please check the list of activities here    

This cover includes thefollowing benefits:

  • Missed Activity - We will cover your costs when a refund is not available in case you need to cancel / curtail your journey or you miss a prepaid activity during your trip
  • Sporting Equipment - We will cover your costs in case your sporting equipment is lost, damaged, or stolen while on your trip.
  • Sporting Equipment Rental - You need to rent sporting equipment when your personal sporting equipment is lost, damaged, or stolen while on your trip.
  •  Terms and Conditions apply