Travel Guide: Insurance for Family Trips

What type of insurance do you need for family trips 

When you want to show your kids the world, travel insurance can give you a great financial safety net and help in an emergency. There is no one-size-fits-all travel insurance plan, especially if you are traveling with children. Here's what you need to know to find the best travel insurance for a family trip.

  1. When you buy your policy, the timing is essential. When you purchase travel insurance early—ideally when you pay your first trip deposit—you can be covered for the most extended time before you leave.

  2. You wouldn't be covered if a family member got sick after you booked the trip but before you bought insurance or if a hurricane headed towards your destination was named.

  3. When you get a quote for a single-trip travel insurance policy, list everyone who will be going on the trip and needs coverage. This includes your children. Usually, you can't add people to the policy after you buy it, so it's essential to have everyone when you get your quote.

  4. You will have to tell them how old each one in the travel party is. Your age and the length of your trip are some factors that determine the amount of your travel insurance quote.

Travel insurance can protect your money when something goes wrong on your trip. Look for a policy that covers cancellation, delay, interruption, and medical costs.
Kids, in particular, are more likely to get sick with a severe bug or hurt themselves in a fall. Both of these are covered reasons that would let you cancel your trip and get all of your pre-paid, non-refundable costs back. When traveling abroad, it's essential to have a policy covering emergency medical care and transportation so everyone can get home safely.

During a trip outside the country, your health insurance might not cover you or your family. If it does, it probably has limited coverage or a high deductible when you're not in the network. That means that travel medical insurance is integral to any travel insurance plan you choose for a family vacation.

A travel insurance policy's medical coverage temporarily takes care of your family while you're away.

It pays for things like hospital and doctor bills, X-rays, lab work, and medicine, up to the limits of your policy.

It's also a good idea to have travel insurance that covers medical evacuation. This pays for the cost (up to the coverage limits) of getting you to the nearest good medical center if you get hurt or sick on your trip and need care that isn't available nearby. It can also pay for being flown back home if you need to for health reasons.

Families should also look for coverage for trips that get cut short. If someone in the family gets sick or hurt and the journey has to be cut short, trip curtailment coverage will pay for the unused parts of pre-paid travel costs and the cost of a last-minute flight home.

Trip curtailment insurance usually pays you back if you change your plans because of a life-threatening emergency back home.

Travel delay insurance can help pay for the extra costs of everything you need to make a layover more comfortable. Say your flight is canceled, and you must stay with your family overnight while waiting for the next one. You can get compensated up to the limits of your policy on what you spent on meals, a hotel stay, and other things.

On our Travel Extra Single Trip plan , you are covered for after the first 6 hours of delay at your departure point, as well as every six hours of delays after that. This short waiting time can be beneficial if you take care of children who may be more easily upset than you.

Baggage insurance can help pay for clothes and other things you need if your luggage gets lost or stolen. There are overall and per-item limits, and you get paid for the value that has gone down. If your bags don't show up when you expect them to, you can earn money back from your policy after a specific time if you had to buy things to get by until your bags arrive. Your personal belongings are also covered if your luggage gets lost, broken, or stolen.

When you buy travel insurance , make sure that every family member is on the list. Benefits don't move from parents to children or from children to parents..

When planning a family trip, it is important to consider different types of travel insurance in order to be prepared for any possible scenario. Travel insurance can cover cancellations, medical expenses, delays, and lost or stolen luggage. It is important to read the fine print to make sure that you are fully covered in case of an emergency. With the right travel insurance policy in place, you can rest assured that your family vacation will go smoothly.